Physics 4B/4C, General Physics With Calculus: The Saga continues... protons, electrons, fluids, waves, electromagnetism and all that..
Electricity and Magnetism, AUG 17-DEC 11
Course Description, Schedule of Topics
Instructor N.V. Alexander 

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Young/ Freedman,  University Physics 13E(with Modified Mastering Physics, Vol 2 or Vol 1 and 2 combo):


We will also heavily refer to
LECTURES Will generally follow the text. Try to scope the assigned material before you come to class. Please ask questions in class or during my office hours. This course  gets hectic. I strongly recommend you form  study groups; use the wealth of resources I've tried to provide you.  
EMAIL: THROUGH THE COLLEGE,  you will subscribe to a  class email list for updates, reminders, corrections, discussion of the course material and more! Please fill in your own info in the boxes  provided. The list is in full effect.
Homework will be assigned in the form of weekly quizzes based on problems in the text book and posted online at masteringphysics.com. My blogs discussing many of the problems may help and will be posted on this web site with discussions via  links provided in the schedule of topics below.  CLICK LINKS BELOW UNDER THE SCHEDULE OF TOPICS TO FIND THE QUIZ PROBLEMS. The problems are mission critical. The problems are crucial to learning the material. YOU WILL DO THE  PROBLEMS ONLINE  AT MASTERINGPHYSICS.COM: COURSE ID "PHYS4BFORFUN2" 
PRE-LECTURE  QUIZZES (PLQ'S) These are online  quizzes occasionally assigned to  reinforce the lecture. They generally are required (not extra credit) and are part of your quiz grade with the weightings discussed below--quizzes represent about 18 % of your grade.
EXTRA CREDIT Extra credit may be applied to  certain assignments (or parts of assignments.)
EXAMS Tentative dates for three or more midterm exams will be announced. Sample exams will  be posted. You shouldn't colab during the exams. Please  work independently; be original. As it was once said, "Line for line, you should shine on your own work."  Don't worry. One or more pages of your own handwritten notes aka cheat sheets are allowed. Please do not use pages photcopied from the book or downloaded from the quiz hints or solutions. (You may use two or more pages during the final exam.) Do not bring scratch paper to the exams.  The only things you need are a pencil or pen, eraser, and your alert mind.. Before the test begins, please put all other things on the floor. Avoid  staying up all night cramming; stay on top of it..  Get your rest,   and you will be blessed (for optimal performance). Any disputes on grading must be resolved within one or two days after the exam is returned. No make-up exams are allowed unless you can prove a state of emergency with legal, medical documents. You must take the final exam on the date and time that it is scheduled.
LABORATORY Laboratory Room: 1806
Click following link  for Physics Lab Formats.
I will provide a list of special links to lab updates. Here are example labs here; the list is not exhaustive: Ohms Law; Parallel/series circuitsPvsT; Speed of Sound; RC CIRCUITS ; WE ALSO DO  SIMULATIONS
Laboratory Schedule: The tentative dates of the lab experiments will be given in class. All experiments assigned are required. If you do not complete them all your total course grade will be dropped by one grade point or more. Your lab report is generally due a week after the experiment at the next lab session. Read the manual or handout before coming to the lab. If you miss an experiment for unavoidable reasons, make arrangements to make it up as soon as possible. Some lab reports will require using the spreadsheet program Excel. See the links here for exercises on Excel:
L1, L2  and L3 .  I will provide in-class tutorials on using the software, and I have ordered a short reference book on Excel that you may wish to buy. You may also get access to Computer Science lab by talking to me.
GRADING POLICY Grades in the course will be based on a total score consisting approximately of the following percentages: Laboratory: 18  Quizzes: 18 Midterm exams: 40  Final exam: 24  Letter grades:90-100  A; 80-89 =  B;  63-79 = C; 50-62 = D





Below,  4B followed by 4C .


21 Electric Forces /Fields


22 Gauss' Law
3 23 Electric Potential


24 Capacitors



6 26 DC Circuits 
7 DC Circuits
8 27 Magnetic Field
9 Magnetic Field
10 28 Magnetic Field Sources
11 28 Magnetic Field Sources
12 29 Electromagnetic Induction
13 30 Magnetic Inductance
14 31 AC Circuits
15 Review
1 30 Review
2 30 Ac Circuits
3 30 AC Apps
4 13 Fluids
5 15 Waves
6 16 Waves Pt2
7 17 Temperature
8 18 Gasses
9 19 1st Law Thermo
10 20 2nd  Law Thermo
11 31 Maxwell's Equations
12 32 Light
13 33/34 Lenses
14 34 Interference
15 34/35 Interference
16 35 Diffraction
17 review Chapters. 20, 31-35